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Real Estate Investing- Getting Started on the Road to Riches

By October 26, 2017 General, Real Estate

Real Estate Investing- Getting Started on the Road to Riches

I really want to make money investing in real estate.  To achieve this goal, I have been learning about real estate investing in my spare time.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am doing this while also working towards getting my California real estate license by studying California’s Real Estate Principles.

A few weeks ago, I received Larry Goins’ Filthy Riches real estate investment program in the mail.

The Filthy Riches investment concept is basically a proven method of buying cheap $5,000 houses and then reselling them at 3 to 6 times what you paid without cash, credit or a buyers list.

Now That’s Great Service!

During the first week that I received the Filthy Riches program, I received a call from my assigned Education Consultant- Dean. I was so happy to receive the call since I had begun reading the main manual and had several questions. I wanted to know things like: Is it possible for me to find one of these real estate deals in California? When will I need a proof of funds letter? When would it be necessary for me to obtain transactional funding?

Dean was very helpful.

The first thing that Dean did during the call, was to make sure that I was aware of all 10 ways that I could get my course deposit fee refunded. I was pretty impressed by this since it definitely demonstrated to me that Larry’s folks weren’t just looking out for themselves and were trying to help me succeed.

Money Back Guarantee

The 10 ways to get your refund are as follows:

  1. Bird dog a Filthy Riches house for Larry Goins’ group to buy or…
  2. Buy a Filthy Riches financed house from the group or…
  3. Buy a Filthy Riches note from the group or…
  4. Sell a Filthy Riches note to the group or…
  5. Become a private money lender for the group or…
  6. Buy a wholesale house from the group or…
  7. Sell a wholesale house to the group or…
  8. Let Larry Goins fund your first Filthy Riches deal or…
  9. Refer 3 Filthy Riches Customers or…
  10. Do a deal and send a testimonial

Taking Action One Step at a Time

After Dean covered the various ways that I could get my money refunded, we went over the Filthy Riches Action Plan.


As simple as this may appear, I find this action plan to be the most useful part of this program so far.  Honestly, without this, I think that I would have been completely overwhelmed by the sight of everything contained in the Filthy Riches program.

This action plan breaks the entire Filthy Riches program down into tasks which, to me, makes it way more doable.

Can I Get a Deal in California?

After covering the refund options and the action plan, Dean asked me if I had any questions.  I told Dean that I hadn’t had a chance to read much so far but did have a few general questions.

The first thing I wanted to know was, “Can I get this kind of real estate investment deal in California?”  As I had suspected, according to Dean, it would be pretty much impossible to find a Filthy Rich deal in California.

According to Dean, the rule of thumb is to search for these properties in states that are east of Colorado. I was a bit disappointed about this since I was hoping to be able to personally view the property when I close my first deal.  Hopefully, I will come across some awesome realtors who will be willing to take some video footage and pictures of the houses that I am interested in buying.

I went on to ask Dean the rest of my questions which he was able to answer. We then ended the call and Dean let me know that he would be calling again the following week.

So Far So Good!

Although I have just started the Filthy Riches program, I have already covered a great deal of information.  I have read the sections covering mobile homes, the types of homes to look for and the various ways to profit from the purchase/sale.

The material is simply written which makes the complex nature of the subject matter a bit less confusing. Compared to the California Real Estate Principles textbook, the Filthy Riches materials are written much simpler.  For me, this makes it so much easier to understand.

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My Real Estate Adventure Begins

By September 22, 2017 General

For some time now, I have wanted to get involved in some form of real estate.

At the beginning of this year, I came across an advertisement for a workshop on real estate investing. It looked interesting and I had A LOT of free time on my hands (stay tuned for that story – it’s REALLY good 🙂 ) so I signed up for and attended the “free” workshop.

At the “free” workshop, I heard enough about wholesaling to seriously pique my interest, but definitely not enough to even get started.  At the end of the workshop, a 3-day seminar was introduced (SURPRISE!! – There is ALWAYS a catch!).

Since the suspense was KILLING me and I am a sucker for money-back guarantees…I paid the $495 fee to register for the 3-day “Academy.”

I attended the first day, which was great-tons of information about wholesaling.

The second day-not so much… Except for that I learned that if I spent another $2500+, I could really learn everything I needed to know to make money wholesaling houses.  Plus there was a lot of time spent during the second day on unrelated topics including the promotion of a third-world charity.  Now I believe in paying it forward and giving back, but that was not what I was there for and I have a healthy disdain for false advertisement.

But wait-let’s back up just a bit… remember that money-back guarantee that I mentioned earlier?  Well, it was a legit money-back guarantee, but in order to take advantage of that guarantee, you had to request it before the end of the first day (Can you say GOTCHA??).





By the conclusion of the second day, just after learning that if I wanted to know EVERYTHING about wholesaling I would have to sign up for yet one more training program, I had enough.  I felt duped.  Because I felt duped-I chose to cut my losses right then and there and not return for the third day.  Not sure if what I missed out on during the third day would have made up for the second day-that I will never know-but I doubt it.

I don’t consider this experience a complete waste of time or even money since you don’t know what you don’t know-and I knew nothing about this particular real estate investment concept before attending the academy.  Plus, because I was now aware of the wholesaling concept, I was able to research it a bit more.

When I started researching the wholesaling topic, it quickly became quite overwhelming.  Thankfully, every video I came across on the topic warned that it could be overwhelming but not to let it stop you.  Well, I kind of did.  It didn’t really stop me, but it did stall me a bit, lol.  It just seemed like a lot to do alone without having done it before AND being completely new to the world of real estate.  I mean, I had handled the purchase of both of my homes, but that’s only one small part of real estate.  Signing a contract, that I wrote up myself using a template I got at a real estate academy, to buy a house and then turning around (very quickly) and selling that contract to a rehabber just didn’t seem like something I should or even could do.

I say could because I like to sleep on any kind of decision-even something as simple as which type of creamer I am going to have in my coffee tomorrow.  I just couldn’t see myself making decisions on the fly without knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about real estate first.

Sooo long story short-my indecisive nature led me to deciding to finally sign up to get a real estate license.

In California, the Department of Real Estate requires completion of the following coursework to become eligible to take the State’s Real Estate Examination:

Successful completion of three college-level courses is required to quality for a real estate salesperson examination.

  1. Real Estate Principles and
  2. Real Estate Practice and
  3. One course from the following list:
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Office Administration
  • General Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Escrows
  • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
  • Computer Applications in Real Estate
  • Common Interest Developments

I had number 3 covered since I had recently taken a Business Law course-so all I needed to take was the Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practice classes.

Some time ago, while doing a search for some real estate info, I came across several companies that offered the real estate courses online.  I read the reviews of  a few and decided to go with Licensing Solutions.

I received my materials in the mail a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the chance to get started.  I plan to do so soon though, so keep an eye out for future posts on this 🙂








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The Pantry Moth Infestation

By September 1, 2017 General

Some time ago, while living in our first home, we had a really bad moth infestation problem. It was horrible! I had no idea where the moths came from nor did I know how to get rid of them.

Before I go any further, let me explain how I found out that we had moths. (Let me warn you know before you continue reading-this post may contain descriptions and pictures that might nauseate you-lol.)

One night I was making Rice A Roni when I noticed a bit of movement. When I looked closer, I realized that there were maggot looking worms in the rice. I will spare you the gross image of a maggot, but if you have never seen one, I can tell you that unless you have very good vision, they could pass for a grain of rice.

Ughhh!! It was awful! Needless to say-we ate out that night.

Now when I said some time ago, I meant it-this was before we were able to hop on a computer and figure just about anything out.

Not knowing what to do, I figured I would just throw EVERYTHING out and start over. I also invested in a ton of containers like these to store all of my rice and flour in:

After tossing everything out and cleaning all of the cabinets thoroughly, I put all of my new storage containers, holding the dried goods, back into the cabinets. Luckily, this seemed to do the trick.

Fast forward to now-17 years later. About six months ago, I started seeing a few moths here and there flying around my kitchen. I instantly began to freak out especially because I am much older now and my vision is horrible (if you are over 40 you definitely understand lol). I started thinking back to the last time we had Rice A Roni and if I had inspected the rice carefully enough. Then I started pulling everything out of the pantry-just as I had done before. It worked then, so why wouldn’t I repeat the same process? As I was removing everything from the pantry, I discovered that the moths had created this disgusting web home in an old opened jar of peanuts. I was horrified. I began to grow a bit more concerned but figured that just throwing everything out would work. Well, it didn’t. A few days later, there were more than a few moths flying around my kitchen and then I started seeing them in the laundry room. The kicker was when I saw one upstairs in my bedroom! I immediately started researching this pesky insect and found the following:

-Pantry moths are not clothing moths-you cannot kill them using moth balls
-Pantry moths love flour, whole grains, almonds, raisins, pet food and other dry goods
-The best way to get rid of them is with pheromone

After a thorough online search of products I decided to purchase Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps.

Am I glad I did! After just a couple of days, I checked the traps and this is what I found…

I was shocked! That is, I knew we had a moth problem, but not to that extent. I opened every one of those moth traps (there are 6 in a pack) and placed them all over the house.

It has now been a couple of weeks and I still see a moth from time to time, but not nearly as many as before. These traps work great and are really easy to use (not to mention their nice packaging). You just open the trap, peel it apart and fold it. The pheromone is right in the sticky glue. The best part is, these pantry moth traps have a 100% money back guarantee. You can’t beat that.

I am happy to report that it looks like we are on our way to being moth free. Thank goodness!!

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Happy Monday!

By June 12, 2017 General

Hi there,
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday.

I just found out about a really cool site called Bloglovin’.  It’s like a Pinterest for bloggers.  Pretty cool-you can search for any type of blog that interests you.  I just added my blog to this site.  If you would like to check it out, you can do so using the following link:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Wishing you an amazing week!  Thanks for visiting.

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Amador City

By June 10, 2017 General

A few miles further north from Drytown, on Highway 49,  is Amador City.

Amador City is adorable.   Lots of cute little shops right in the middle of a neighborhood of beautiful historic homes.

By this time, it was a bit warmer out and we were thirsty.  You can imagine our excitement when we spotted the Legendre Cellars tasting room. 

We stopped in for a tasting and were not disappointed.  We tried a few reds and whites as we listened to the owner tell us all about the fermentation process of each wine.  The last wine that we tasted was a dessert wine.  Normally, I am not a big fan of dessert wines-but this wine was really good and it didn’t hurt that it was chilled perfectly.

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Drytown – Next and Last Stop

By June 10, 2017 General

As we left the first shop in Drytown, the owner directed us to E T’s Antiques which was just next door.


The first thing that caught my eye as we walked in the door was this awesome Victrola.  It was love at first sight!

Next we came across these cards kept in a the glass counter display case.

These cards were hilarious!  The lady working at the counter told us that they came from a vintage arcade game.  Probably something that looked like this:

Made sometime in the 1930’s, the cards described either a future husband or wife along with their future children.  One of the cards listed this description for a future wife, “Your future wife will be an author with some very definite ideas.  She will retain her maiden name and live in her own apartment.  You will be her once-in-a-while, and she will allow you to visit her between chapters at which time you will be able to walk her dog around the block and be generally over-hauled for your shortcomings. But be of good cheer for you will have 3 little short stories to make you happy.”  Along side the picture of the future wife were three children.

After perusing the aisles of the shop we circled back to the area of the store where the Victrola was.  I asked the lady at the counter if the phonograph worked and she said it did.  I then asked for a demo.  The sound that came from that Victrola was amazing.  It was as if we had traveled back in time.  I loved it so much I couldn’t let myself leave without buying it.  I am now the owner of a 1915 Victrola and I absolutely love it!!


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