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Drytown – Next and Last Stop

By June 10, 2017 General, Thrifting, Travel

Drytown – Next and Last Stop

Treasure Hunting in Drytown

As we left the first shop in Drytown, the owner directed us to E T’s Antiques which was just next door.


The first thing that caught my eye as we walked in the door was this awesome Victrola.  It was love at first sight!

Next we came across these cards kept in a the glass counter display case.

These cards were hilarious!  The lady working at the counter told us that they came from a vintage arcade game.  Probably something that looked like this:

Made sometime in the 1930’s, the cards described either a future husband or wife along with their future children.  One of the cards listed this description for a future wife, “Your future wife will be an author with some very definite ideas.  She will retain her maiden name and live in her own apartment.  You will be her once-in-a-while, and she will allow you to visit her between chapters at which time you will be able to walk her dog around the block and be generally over-hauled for your shortcomings. But be of good cheer for you will have 3 little short stories to make you happy.”  Along side the picture of the future wife were three children.

After perusing the aisles of the antique shop we circled back to the area of the store where the Victrola was.  I asked the lady at the counter if the phonograph worked and she said it did.  I then asked for a demo.  The sound that came from that Victrola was amazing.  It was as if we had traveled back in time.  I loved it so much I couldn’t let myself leave without buying it.  I am now the owner of a 1915 Victrola and I absolutely love it!!


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Drytown, California

By June 6, 2017 Thrifting, Travel

Road Trip to Drytown, California

The first stop we made, while visiting Amador County, was at the Old Well Café in Drytown, California which is located on Highway 49.  I have driven by this place several times; however, this was the first time that I actually ate there.  It is a very small café and was surprisingly busy for a Friday morning.   From what I could tell, most of the customers were locals.  I ordered the French toast, eggs, bacon (extra crispy) and coffee- all of which were good.

Just a short walk from the Old Well Café are two antique shops.  At the first shop, we fell in love with this amazing antique Singer.  I really wanted to buy it, but I already have more sewing machines than I should 🙂

There were several other really cool items, but ultimately I settled on this antique leather bound miniature scrapbook that had never been used before.




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